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AMBROSIA CHOCOLAT - Chocolate: delicious, sensuous, and an absolute necessity! This scent will satisfy your chocolate craving as it drizzles with honey, dark chocolate, and hints of vanilla cream. A scrumptious blend of tasty treats with a light touch of patchouli to round out the sweetness. A gourmand perfume that will have you constantly sniffing your own wrists!  Main notes: chocolate, amber, honey, vanilla

ARCANE - Mysterious labdanum and cloves tendered with a touch of warming vanilla. Starts off with a fresh herbal note, then gradually relaxes into mild sweetness. This unique blend is inspired by Anders, the handsome rogue mage from the RPG game, Dragon Age 2! This fragrance is a unisex blend that borders towards masculine.  Main notes: labdanum, petitgrain, clove, cedar, vanilla

ARTEMIS - She is the Goddess of the Hunt. Through glades and forests she stalks, as  leaves of rosemary are left in her wake. She sups upon the bountiful fruit Gaia provides - grapes and oranges. A twig is snapped and her bow is in hand. No man would dare gaze upon her. Artemis is a lovely woods fruit scent, perfect for all handmaidens of the Goddess. Main notes: grape, blood orange, rosemary, fruits, forest woods

ATHENA - Wisdom sought at her altar must be asked with courage and strength. The fragrance of honey-drenched pomegranate and figs left in tribute will bring comfort. A base of frankincense blended with dusky incense burns around you. Let her inspire! Athena is a rich, fruit-woods scent with a background of dark incense.  Main notes: fig, pomegranate, incense, tonka bean, frankincense.

THE BELOVED - She waited a long time for her Captain, but one cannot wait forever. Her scent is a blend of luscious frangipani and ylang-ylang blossoms, deepened with chypre and whispers of red rose. This rich floral blend is inspired by Elizabeth from the Poldark series. Main notes: chypre, frangipani, ylang-ylang, tuberose, fresh melon

BLACK APPLE: Sweet, red, ripe apples corrupted with poisoned honey and labdanum. A base of dark incense and roses completes the fragrance. Starts off fruity and innocent, then the darkness emerges.   Main notes: apples, chypre, honey, incense

*BOWMASTER - His black arrow will strike, straight and true. Ancient dragon beware! The bowmaster’s scent starts with leather accord as a base. Then, the earthiest musk and woods combine with just a touch of patchouli to top the fragrance. Finally, the freshness of deep-running rivers could be discerned carefully blended with the earthy musks and woods. This unisex fragrance borders towards masculine and is inspired by the character of Bard from the Hobbit. Main notes: oud, musk, water, leather accord

BRIAR ROSE - Journey with me to the Isles and walk through the fragrant gardens and hills. The scents of wild roses, white lily, and woods swirl through the fresh air. This feminine floral scent is inspired by the traditional Irish ballad, 'Red is the Rose'. Launched in Spring 2015.  Main notes: Rose accord, tuberose, amber, lily, light woods

CAKE OR DEATH - When you -must- have your cake or die! Decadent buttercream frosting and vanilla cake with a touch of spice over a darkened amber base. Delicious but wicked. Launched in 2011 and remains a customer favourite!  Main notes: cake, allspice, cream frosting, amber

CAGED BUTTERFLY - In a dark mansion alone, but within a room made pretty by the vases of lavender and carnation flowers, she looks out upon snow-laden peaks. She unfurls a lace handkerchief, and the scent of comforting vanilla and rosemary leaves brings to her warm memories of happier times. This scent is inspired by Edith Cushing from Crimson Peak, and is a creamy floral herb fragrance.
Main notes: lavender, warm vanilla, carnation flowers, violets, rosemary

THE CAPTAIN - Newly returned from the wars, the Captain seeks a place in a world that he no longer belongs in. His scent is a background of light leather and dark woody musks, then lightened with fresh blossoms and greens from the meadow. A lingering scent of bay rum from his time on-board ship is like a whisper as he walks by. This perfume is inspired by Ross Poldark from the Winston Graham novels, and is a green fougere scent with hints of leather accord. A balanced blend for either gent or lady.  Main notes: light bay rum, vetiver, white flowers, leather accord, fresh cucumber.

CHARLOTTE - Having helped The PieMaker bake pies all morning, Charlotte, or Chuck, as she was affectionately called, perched by the counter and greeted the customers. The scent of baked raspberry fillings, sweets, and a touch of her floral perfume floats by as you sit at the counter. For a moment you are reminded of a graveyard, then the pie arrives and you forget your last thought. Inspired by Charlotte from Pushing Daisies! Charlotte perfume is a lovely gourmand blend with floral overtones. Suitable for either day or evening!  Main notes: tuberose, raspberry jam filling, amber, ylang ylang, earth

CHOCOLAT à L'ORANGE - A delightful blend of dark chocolates woven with sweet orange, with a touch of florals and other fruits to create a delicate balance between citrus and chocolate. This enticing gourmand fragrance is a unisex blend that borders to feminine, and may be suitable for either day or evening.  Main notes: chocolate, sweet orange, citrus accord, ylang ylang

*CHOCOLAT NOIR - Luscious dark chocolate, rich and satisfying! A blend of the darkest chocolates, with hints of cream coffee, dark resins, and exotic woods. A unisex fragrance for both lady and gent.  Main notes: dark chocolate, copal resin, coffee, woods

CHOCOLAT ROSE - Beauteous rich red roses mingled with the satisfying delights of French chocolates. Hints of white florals dance throughout, leaving a dry-down of both sweetness and botanic elegance. This fragrance is a rich gourmand blend with floral tones, perfect for either day or evening.  Main notes: chocolate, rose accord, white florals

CLEOPATRA - This floral perfume begins with musk-laced honey, then blended with night-blooming jasmine, fresh roses, and frankincense. A sweet note of vanilla and citrus-y bergamot lightens and balances the richness of this fragrance inspired by Cleopatra VII. Cleopatra is a rich floral-sweet scent, perfect for anyone who wants to feel like the ancient Queen of the Nile.  Main notes: musk, honey, bergamot, jasmine, frankincense, rose

*DEMON'S BANE - The deep roar of an Impala's engine is heard over the hill. The scent of leather-upholstered seats, deep woods, and a touch of the Impala's motor oil marks the coming of Demon's Bane. He's armed with the tools to do the job and a grim determination to see it done, yet always ready to crack a joke while exorcising demons. It's dessert first for this guy ... One apple pie coming up! Demon's Bane is a rich unisex fragrance bordering to masculine, inspired by Supernatural's Dean Winchester.  Main notes: leather, black pepper, oud woods, sandalwood, apple pie

*DORIAN - A beauty that never dies, which lingers in late nights with absinthe-induced fantasies as light musks permeate the air. The sweetness of his sins is covered in dark orchids and red florals, while exotic chypres and hints of coconut cream linger in his debauched luxury. This scent is inspired by the novel, "Picture of Dorian Gray", and is a balanced unisex fragrance that both ladies and gents can wear. It is a rich, deep fragrance suitable for evening wear, or for the daring daytime wearer.  Main notes: musk, absinthe, orchids, coconut

*DRACULA - He rises from the crypt - tall and slender with a cruel but alluring handsomeness that only the Undead can possess. A sweet musky fragrance of honeyed wine and exotic nag champa emanates around him, mixing with the scent of wet earth from the cemetary. A slight trace of Mina Harker's perfume lingers in the air as he moves. Dracula is a fragrance that's created for the discerning undead gentleman, but ladies hungering for the Count may also wear this Gothic fragrance. You've been warned! Main notes: musk, red wine, light patchouli, nag champa, dragonsblood, honey

*ELF KING - A towering elven king, he stands ready to defend his woodland kingdom against the Shadow. Bright bergamot blends with eastern musk, ivy greens and woods, with a touch of leather. This unisex-towards-masculine classic scent is inspired by King Thranduil and all the elves of the Greenwood. Although created for gentlemen, a refined elven lady could easily wear this fragrance!  Main notes: bergamot, woods, ivy greens, light musk

ELF PRINCESS: She dances merrily through a meadow of lavender and wild roses, her long dark hair smelling faintly of sandalwood as the wind brushes through her fair form. A floral blend of of lavender, roses, and sandalwood - a pretty floral scent, reminiscent of a medieval garden.  Main notes: lavender, geranium rose, rose, lily

ELF QUEEN - One of the mightiest and fairest of the elves, the Elf Queen is surrounded by night-blooming jasmine flowers and the sweet smells of warm honey and golden vanilla cream. Rich incense swirls in the air as she rules her woodland kingdom. A rich, unique floriental fragrance inspired by the character of Galadriel from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. Main notes: jasmine, vanilla, dragonsblood, honey, chypre

EMPRESS - A throne room, fragrant with the scent of blood-red roses strewn on the marble floors and the aroma of musk and spices. A dark, spicy blend of roses with hints of musk and amber. This scent is inspired by Livia Drusilla, the first Empress of Rome and wife of Augustus. She was said to have used poison to clear the way for her son to ascend the throne. Naughty woman! She would have made an excellent vampire.  Main notes: roses, allspice, black pepper, musk, red wine

ENGLISH HEATHER - Past the Standing Stones she fell. The scent of heather blooms and oakmoss dance in the forest air. No weak lady was she. Her perfume of light musk and heliotrope blends with the scents of a still-ancient land ringed with northern castles and fresh moorlands. Her journey awaits. Inspired by Claire from the 'Outlander' novels, this scent is a sophisticated floral blend, suitable for day or evening wear.  Main notes: heather, pale musk, oakmoss, orris, heliotrope 

*FALLEN ANGEL - Unassuming. Soft-spoken. Fallen Angel from Heaven. When he appears you are lovingly embraced by the fragrance of allspice and honey. Then, lingering traces of frankincense and patchouli with the hint of sugar puts one at ease. This fragrance will keep your guardian angel close to you at all times. Even during the apocalypse!  Main notes: allspice, frankincense, sugar, patchouli, honey

FLUTTERING DECAY - A woman in red plays the piano. A cup of dark tea sits upon the table, forgotten. The scent of sweetened orris powder as she moves. Like the twining honeysuckle, this ‘flower’ is beautiful to be sure, but the beauty hides the cloying creeping vines meant to grasp and hold tight underneath. This scent is inspired by Lucille Sharp from Crimson Peak, and is a Gothic floral scent.   Main notes: spiced orris, sugar, honeysuckle flowers, black tea, light patchouli

FRENCH JASMINE - Jasmine! Lovely jasmine flowers blended with warming resins. Hints of fresh rose geraniums and muguet notes are delicately woven throughout to accentuate the sweet jasmine blooms. This vintage - inspired scent is a sophisticated and feminine floral perfume to transport you to magical castles and enchanted gardens. Perfect for all jasmine lovers!   Main notes: Jasmine, Muguet, Rose Geranium

FRENCH LAVENDER - A fragrance that's reminiscent of France's lavender fields! This is a floral perfume created from real lavender oil from southern France, blended floral and woods notes to complement this all-natural fragrance. A pure lavender fragrance to ease your mind and fill you with Edwardian romance. This perfume is 100% natural and there are no synthetics in this blend. French Lavender is a perfect fragrance for summer, or anytime you want to be transported to the French countryside!

GEORGINA - Spend a lovely afternoon with a pot of fresh-brewed tea, a bowl of ripe peaches, and and a plate of delicious dainty cake! A scent that is fruity, sweet, and refreshing, with just a hint of underlying gloom beneath the sunny sky!  Main notes: peach, black tea, mint, incense

*GOBLIN KING - The Goblin King sits in his throne room, surrounded by his goblin subjects. The faint scent of lily surrounds him: this magic man of beauty and poise. A breeze whips in through the open window carrying hints of cedar and rosewood into the chamber. The Goblin King unrolls a message parchment that leave its own traces upon his delicate yet powerful hands. The girl who searches for the babe is close. A smile crosses his elfin features. He rises from his throne and with a sweep of his cloak he is gone, leaving a musky scent in his wake and traces of amber and oud from his magic cast.  Main notes: rosewood, oud woods, amber, wild florals

*GLADIATOR - The scent of leather and sandalwood is thick in the air from armour worn as gladiators stand ready for glory or death. Blood is spilled like that of a dragon slain, and upon victor's head reward is given. Later in bed-chambers, the heady scent of patchouli and eastern incense swirls in the air, further reward looms and is taken. Gladiator is a unisex fragrance that borders towards masculine. Perfect for a brave modern gladiator or the lady who loves him.   Main notes: leather, sandalwood, dragonsblood incense, myrrh, pomegranate fruit

*THE GOLDEN WOODS - An elven warden in the woods protects his magical kingdom with agile strength and keen perception. As he strolls through the Golden Wood, he catches the scent of fresh, lively lemongrass blended with vetiver, cedar, and last evening's blossoming of midnight jasmine. An aromatic hint of the morning's sweetbread from the ovens wafts by, bringing a smile to his fair features. This woodsy-floral blend is inspired by the character Haldir from Lord of the Rings. A balanced unisex scent, it's perfect for all elven lads and lasses!  Main notes: vetiver, woods, night jasmine, citrus, sugar

GREENWOOD MAIDEN - An elf maiden strong and fearless, she is the bane of all evil that prowls the forests. Her scent begins with fresh gardenia blooms warmed with sandalwood and ylang ylang. Forest blackberries blend with the florals along with mossy grasses. Then a hint of jasmine tops off her fragrance. This enchanting floral perfume is inspired by the character of Tauriel from the Hobbit (film). Main notes: gardenia, blackberries, ylang ylang, sandalwood.

*GREENLEAF - Through forests and across lemongrass fields he makes his way to the Council. Darkness comes. He stops along a riverbank; jasmine and rosemary flow through the air and relaxes his mind. He takes hold of the reins that leave traces of sandalwood upon his hands, and carries on to begin the fateful journey. Greenleaf is a woodsy citrus and floral scent inspired by the Elven Prince. Created for gentlemen, but elven ladies can easily wear this classic blend!  Main notes: woods, sandalwood, white florals, lemongrass, rosemary

HEY ITTY-BITTY - With a song in her heart she runs through a field of Plumeria and Freesia flowers. The birds sing and flutter around her head as she plucks a pear from a tree and bites into the fragrant fruit. A squirrel looks up from enjoying a hazelnut and begins to chitter a chorus in step as endless tables full of praline cream pies and cakes suddenly appear and - "ITTY BITTY! WAKE UP!"
Main notes: sweetened praline, pale musk, plumeria, hazelnut cream, sweet pears, freesia

*HIGHLAND COURAGE - A noble highlander, steadfast and true. His northern homeland abounds with the scents of mossy forests and fresh florals. Polished leather graces his strong form, along with a whisper of light musks and fragrant orris. Inspired by Jamie from the 'Outlander' novels, this scent is a balanced unisex woods/leather blend for either lord or lady.     Main notes: oakmoss, musk, leather, forest greens, orris, heather

I AM FIRE - (formerly titled Greed n' Glitter) A great dragon from the ancient tales, his greed know no bounds and no warrior can slay him. His scent is smokey amber and sweet copal resin. Hints of patchouli and clove weave through the sweetness of smoke. Finally a touch of eastern lotus from far-away lands complete his fragrance. This rich, unisex blend is inspired by the character of Smaug from the Hobbit.   Main notes: copal resin, amber, smoke, clove, lotus

ISIS - Her temple blossoms with the offering of honey and almonds on the altar, as the musky scent of rich incense swirls around the room. A sweet, rich, alluring scent dripping with honey and amber. This perfume is inspired by the ancient Eyptian goddess Isis, who was worshiped by Cleopatra VII, last Queen and Pharaoh of Egypt.  Main notes: almond, honey, amber, musk

IT GIRL - Inspired by 1920’s flapper and actress Clara Bow, this fruity-floriental perfume captures her playful charisma and charm. It Girl is delightful black cherries blended with light musk and fresh bergamot. A dab of plumeria flower, honeyed chypre, and spicy pepper blends with the black cherry to complete this flirty scent! Main notes: black cherry, chypre, musk, bergamot, pepper

JAZZ BABY - Join your flapper friends and paint the town red! Bubbly champagne flows freely all around the speakeasy, mixing with your scent of heady orchids, violets, and chypre-infused cream and honey. A fading hint of your beau's expensive cigar clings to the collar of your silk dress and stockings. This sexy rich perfume is inspired by the world of 1920s and The Great Gatsy.  Main notes: orchid, honey, chypre, violets, citrus accord  (note: formerly Jaded Innocence, and revised February 2015.)

LADY NIGHTINGALE: Fragrant white flowers of ginger blossom, jasmine, and gardenia over a sensuous base of light musk. Topped off with a single note of sweet vanilla. Delicate and innocent, yet charmingly sexy. This scent is an ultra-feminine floral musk inspired by Lelianna.  Main notes: white flowers, light musk, gardenia

LADY ROMA - The fragrance of a dusky evening in ancient times of Rome. The air is filled with the scent of pomegranate trees and ripe fruit, while sandalwood burns brightly in a brazier by the atrium. A feminine fruity scent with a hint of depravity hidden within! A scent perfect for the aspiring Domina, beautiful to wear both daytime and evening.  Main notes: pomegranate, sandalwood, juniper, incense

*LAMENT OF TREES - You catch the scent of sweet moss and wet leaves woven through the forest floor, and are comforted by the vitality and motherly embrace of the noble forest. While you stand in admiration, the forest fades before you, leaving only a sombre memory as the fresh green scents transform to bitter clove and dark resins. Lament of Trees is inspired by the traditional Irish ballad, 'Bonny Portmore', and is a woodsy floral-herb blend suitable for both lady and gent.   Main notes: wet mosses, woods, bitter clove, labdanum

*LOGICAL DEDUCTION: Sophisticated notes of bay rum, Earl Grey tea, and tobacco, with a hint of leather and dark chocolate. This is a unisex fragrance inspired by Sherlock Holmes, and is reminiscent of a gentleman's Victorian parlour.  Main notes: tobacco, black tea, bergamot, chocolate, bay rum, leather

*LOGICAL DELUSION - A dangerous and cunning blend of poisoned tea, tobacco, and gunpowder, with a hint of nag champa and absinthe. Beware, Holmes! This is a unisex fragrance that borders towards masculine and is inspired by the character of Moriarty from the world of Sherlock Holmes - it is the perfect foil to my Holmes' fragrance, 'Logical Deduction'!  Main notes: tobacco, black tea, nag champa

*LOGICAL SUBTLETY - An employee of Her Majesty, he issues orders and negotiates the political warfront with barely a sweat. His scent is sophisticated ylang-ylang blended with fragrant amber and orange blossoms, with a hint of Earl Grey tea and the lightest, most delicate, of eastern patchoulies.  A base of earthy teakwood completes Mycroft's special fragrance. Logical Subtlety is a balanced unisex fragrance, perfect for all ladies or gents working for Her Majesty.   Main notes: orange blossom, bergamot, tea, amber, teakwood

LONDON ROSE - A unique and evocative version of a classic English tea rose scent! This perfume blends a garden of fresh roses with tea and neroli, with hint of underlying sweet vanilla. London Rose is a fresh, sweet, floral tea blend for ladies, and is reminiscent of the late Victorian Age.  Main notes: rose accord, neroli, tea, vanilla

*LUPUS DEI - The Wolf of God is a powerful protector. His scent is a base of sandalwood leather, with whispers of juniper woods and forest mosses to represent his homeland across the pond. Smokey amber blends with the woods notes, and a hint of sweetened red florals tops off this fragrance. Lupus Dei is a leather-woods unisex fragrance bordering to masculine.  Main notes: sandalwood, leather accord, juniper woods, amber, red florals

THE MAIDEN - She sings true of her love for the Captain. Her scent starts with wildflowers and light mosses from the meadows, then deepened with woodsy vetiver and purple lilacs. Swirls of sweetened cream and delicate herb buds dance amongst the floral notes, completing her fragrance. This is a creamy floral scent inspired by Demelza Poldark, perfect for gallivanting across the meadows.  Main notes: wildflowers, sweet cream, lilac, grassy moss, vetiver

MARI - The splendour of summer tea-time in the afternoon shade - the scent of sugared tea, tropical jasmine, and a hint of orange blossom! A sophisticated floral fragrance reminiscent of an outdoor Victorian tea party. This scent was created in honour of my grandmother. She was a beautiful and kind lady and likely where I inherited my perfumer's nose! Main notes: tea, jasmine, orange blossom, aldehyde

MEMENTO MORI - A hint of musk and dark amber. A breath of dusty powder and aroma of delicate orchid bouquets on her dressing table. Her black clothing carries the faint scent of exotic ylang ylang blooms and red rose. A memory of lost loves. Miss Ives appears the image of perfect Victorian propriety. But don’t come too close, this little scorpion is deadly! Memento Mori is a rich, Victorian - inspired floral perfume.   Main notes: musk, orchid, powder, amber

MINA - The freshest blooming rose, cut down and corrupted with the taste of sinful depravity and wickedness. A seductive scent flushed with decayed roses, notes of myrrh, musk, dragon's blood, and dark temptations! Be on your guard when wearing this scent, lest you be spirited away by a handsome demon.  Main notes: rose accord, musk, rosewood, incense, myrrh

*MISTY JOURNEYS - Sweet tobacco, ivy greens, and tilled earth are the base for this unique scent that evokes the comfort of home with the longing for a grand adventure! A hint of butterscotch and honeyed tea tops off this unique fragrance inspired by the characters of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins from JRR Tolkien's "The Hobbit". A balanced unisex fragrance, good for all hobbit lads and lasses!  Main notes: sweet tobacco, ivy, earth, butterscotch, tea

*MONSTROUS LOVE - Emerging from a horse-drawn carriage into the smokey gas-lit street, a mysterious figure bearing the scents of eastern spices, woods, and cardamom beckons you to join him. You take his hand and feel comforted by the fragrance of crimson carnations, while he offers a glimpse of his secrets, dark though they may be. This scent is inspired by Thomas Sharp from Crimson Peak, and is a spicy Gothic unisex fragrance.  Main notes: spiced woods, cardamon, eastern tea, amber, carnations

*MOUNTAIN HALLS - Forged in the flames of a hearth, a dwarven smith lays the final touches upon a weapon that will soon taste dragon blood. A pipe is lit to celebrate the fine craftsmanship as the scents bring comfort and strength to the clan in the Mountain Halls. A unisex fragrance that borders to masculine and inspired by the majesty of the dwarves. Main notes: dragonsblood incense, tobacco, copal, bay rum, cedar

OLEANNA - This perfume is reminiscent of the late Victorian and Edwardian age. Violets, lemon blossom, and rich wood notes hover over the freshness of deep lakes and vast oceans - a very feminine floral and woodsy aquatic blend. Outdoorsy, yet elegant! This fragrance is inspired by Julie K. Rose's novel, "Oleanna" and is the official perfume for her novel.  Main notes: Violet, vetiver, lemon blossom, cypress

PARIS ROSE - Take a trip with me to Paris in the Belle Epoque age. We'll stroll through fragrant gardens and visit the ambrosial afternoon cafes of this beautiful city! Paris Rose is a rose bouquet with musk-infused vanilla, rich amber, patchouli, and dark coffee to create a glamorous and vintage-inspired rose blend. Main notes: rose accord, amber, coffee, vanilla, copal, patchouli

*PHARAOH - A fragrant moment by the Nile at the sunset ... the scent of lotus blossoms floats on the river. Honeyed almonds, incense, and patchouli from the temple's many altars perfume the air as you meditate upon the path the Gods have placed before you. Pharaoh is rich and powerful unisex blend, perfect for all divine rulers.   Main notes: honey, African musk, amber, lotus, patchouli musk, almond

*PHOENIX IN WINTER - Courage, determination, and the will to save your friends when all hope seems lost ... this fragrance embodies the chivalrous traits of the Gryffindor House. A daring blend of myrrh, warming black pepper, chypre, and black tea create the base of this perfume, then hints of clove, lilies (in honour of Harry's mum), and berries to balance the whole fragrance bouquet. Fiery, majestic, and bold! Phoenix In Winter is inspired by the world of Harry Potter and is a balanced unisex scent.   Main notes: black pepper, chypre, myrrh, clove, tea

*THE PIEMAKER - The scent of berries, baked pastry, and a hint of floral wafts through, beckoning one to sit at a booth and enjoy one of the PieMaker's fine treats! The Piemaker is inspired by the character of Ned from Pushing Daisies, and is a balanced unisex fragrance with a floral amber background blended with gourmand notes. If you're in the mood for a grown-up gourmand fragrance which isn't overly sweet, the Piemaker will be your man.  Main notes: berry pies, pale musk, apple spice, tuberose, amber

*POTION MASTER - A mysterious unisex fragrance brewed from the dungeons! Black tea, labdanum, frankincense, and ylang ylang, with just a hint of tobacco and vanilla. Potion Master is inspired by Harry Potter (or specifically Professor Snape!) and borders towards towards masculine.  Main notes: Black tea, labdanum, frankincense, ylang ylang, tobacco

QUEEN OF THE SEAS - The ocean spray mingles with the scent of blood oranges and grapefruit stored in the ship’s hold. The aromatic essence of exotic orchid trails after the Sea Queen’s skin as she turns to head below decks. Her cabin door opens and she is greeted by the familiar scent of bay rum, allspice and musk from the previous night’s endeavours. Tomorrow will bring another conquest - for gold does not last forever. Queen of the Seas is a feminine sexy-fresh floral blend inspired by Isabella from Dragon Age!  Main notes: citrus, orchids, ocean, musk, bay rum

*RANGER - inspired by Strider. The man of the north watches the borders, the wildness and the ancient ruins of a different age. The smell of cypress clinging to his leathers is the only hint that he may have passed through. Perhaps you will spot a cloaked figure in the shadows of an Inn, the tang of frankincense and sandalwood amongst the furnishings. Many whisper of his feared reputation, only a few truly know he is a friend to the free. RANGER is a woodsy and earthy scent, with hints of leather, floral, and incense, perfect for day or evening wear. Created for gentlemen, but suitable for ladies too!  Main notes: sandalwood, cypress, earth, leather accord, rose, vetiver

*THE ROSE KNIGHT - This sexy and romantic fragrance is a blend of dragon's blood, battle-worn leather, eastern musk, and a hit of cedarwood. Within lies a single red rose representing Alistair's love and friendship! Inspired by the character of Alistair from the Dragon Age:Origins game, this scent is a balanced unisex blend.  Main notes: leather accord, rose, musk, incense

SARAH'S DREAM - She enters the crowded dance floor her white gown trailing behind, her skin leaving the scent of lilies in the air as the costumed guests part for her entrance. She catches the scent of rosewood and amber that forces her to spin around, searching, catching glimpses of a white masked figure. Then she feels him behind her, a hand trailing through her hair, the smell of geranium rose, benzoin and light peach being released. She turns and the tall masked figure takes her hand; woodsy oud and ancient parchment fills her senses. Sarah's Dream is a delicate yet sexy floral blend inspired by the character of Sarah from the film Labyrinth (1986).  Main notes: lily, rosewood, benzoin, amber, oud, peach

SCANDAL IN LONDON - She's seductive, secretive, and little dangerous! Feminine lilac and ylang ylang flowers blends with feisty dragonsblood with a light hint of eastern sandalwood. A touch of Holmes' favourite tobacco tops off this sultry floriental perfume.This perfume is inspired by the character of Irene Aldler from the world of Sherlock Holme.  Main notes: lilac, blood orange, ylang ylang, tobacco, bay rum

*SHAPESHIFT - Fresh cypress leaves, cedarwoods, and labdanum, topped with wild honey and blood orange. A scent only a wilderness witch would dare to wear. Inspired by Morrigan, this fragrance is a wild mix of forest herbals and florals. Created for ladies, but there are enough woodsy notes for the witch-adoring gentleman to wear this scent with ease! Main notes: cypress, orange, honey, woods

SHIELDMAIDEN - "If you can not wield a sword as well as a spade, you will not be long for this life." It is a harsh world and for that the Shieldmaiden must be strong. Leather protects her form, even as the scent of ivy and lilies upon her shows that femininity is not just for pampered princesses! Leather and woods are first discerned, then the florals emerge. A rich floral scent with a rich background of leather inspired by Eowyn. Main notes: lilies, leather, geranium rose, ivy, cypress

SILENT SCREEN VAMP - Inspired by the early ‘vamp’ type characters played by Theda Bara and Nita Naldi, this bold perfume captures their predatory allure. Mysterious chypre, gardenia flower, and musk form the base and combine with rich chocolate, dangerous absinthe, and honeyed pepper. Top notes of ylang ylang and rose accord add more glamour to this sexy floriental scent. Return to the 1920’s and turn some heads! Main notes: black pepper, musk, gardenia, chocolate, absinthe, honey

*TEA AT THE ABBEY - Take afternoon tea with Miss Catherine and Mister Tilney whilst sharing Gothic tales together! The richest and blackest of East India tea blends with sugared patchouli and incense. Then a mixture of Eastern sandalwood is mingled with hyacinth blooms and a touch of delicate green tea creating a luxurious floriental tea blend. This perfume is reminiscent of the Regency age, and is a balanced unisex fragrance for ladies or gents! Main notes: black tea, hyacinth, incense, sandalwood, sugar

TEA AT MANSFIELD - An afternoon at Mansfield isn't complete without tea-time! Fresh green tea brewed with fragrant orange blossoms and citrus, while a base of amber and white floral weave through the tea notes. A top note of fresh, almost lemony aldeyhyde completes this fresh floral tea blend! This perfume is reminiscent of the Regency age, and the world of Jane Austen! Main notes: green and pekoe tea, sweet orange, fresh aldehyde, florals

TEA AT PEMBERLEY - Join Darcy and the Bennets for a fragrant afternoon tea-time at Pemberley! Black and pekoe teas blend with deep amber and sweet sugar. Hints of rose accord and other floral notes mingle with the tea blend, to create a feminine blossomy tea-based perfume. This perfume is reminiscent of the Regency age, and the world of Jane Austen! Main notes: tea, black tea, rose accord, amber, florals

*TEA WITH WATSON - Take a break from adventuring and stop at 221 Baker Street for awhile. White tea, delicious yellow cake, and a dash of cream caramel layered over light tobacco and bay rum. It smells just like a tea party at Holmes and Watson's flat! This is a balanced unisex fragrance inspired by the world of Sherlock Holmes.  Main notes: tea, tobacco, caramel, bay rum, cake

THORNFIELD - Dark polished cedar and rosewoods with lavender and labdanum - mysterious, gloomy, and a little dangerous. A dark herbal blend with a touch of decayed florals inspired by the novel 'Jane Eyre' by Charlote Bronte.  Main notes: rosewood, lavender, cedar, woods

UNDYING - Romantic eastern flowers of heavenly champaka and ylang ylang create the base of this rich, smokey fragrance. Vanilla-infused musk and a touch of decayed honeyed figs completes this exotic blend that's inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's Gothic short story, "Ligeia"! Main notes: champaka, musk, honey, vanilla, fig

VALIANT HEART - The most faithful and loving of the Kings and Queens, the Valiant Heart is both healer and mighty warrior. The battle is always won with her at your side. Her scent is a mixture of English lavender and plumeria with the palest of musks. Fruit with vanilla cake and almonds are blended into the florals, bringing a hint if sweetness and child-like merriment to the fragrance. Finally, a light dusting of Turkish delight candy tops the blend. This sweet and enchanting floral is inspired by the character of Lucy from the Chronicles of Narnia novels! Main notes: plumeria, citrus, lavender, English apples, almond cake

VAMPIRE BRIDE - Dried honeysuckle blossoms mingled with exotic musk and sweet honey. A touch of decayed figs rounds out the top note of this fragrance that only a true vampire bride could wear! This feminine but dangerous scent is inspired by the character of Lucy Westenra from Bram Stoker's novel.  Main notes: honeysuckle, honey, musk, ylang ylang

*VICTOR - Working alone in his laboratory, he brings forth Creations from the dead. The good Doctor’s scent begins with vetiver and dark nag champa. A hint of bergamot - the scent of a learned gentleman. The aroma and remembrance of his favourite flower, the pure white Lily, lingers gently in the air. And over all is a whiff of dusty books and papers strewn about his room. Victor is a balanced woods-floral scent for both gents and ladies.  Main notes: vetiver, lilies, white flowers, nag champa

VIOLETTE - A sun-filled day, heady with the fragrance of blooming violets! Splashes of delicate creamy carnations, bright muguet, and fresh freesia weave through the violet flowers. A dab of calming labdanum resin completes the fragrance. A delightful floral perfume for inspiration and happiness! (This scent was launched in 2011, and re-formulated in January 2017)   Main notes: violet flowers, muguet (lily), carnation, freesia, jasmine

*WAYWARD SON - Never one to give up on a brother, friend or something more, the Wayward Son brings comfort and protection with the scent of musk, leather and sandalwood. Yet, he shows vulnerability, and the fragrance of honey and sweet coffee will draw another closer. Finally, the Wayward Son's knowledge is apparent from the aroma of aged paper upon his person, obtained from studying forgotten texts. For one can never know too much about the things that lurk in the dark ...  Main notes: light musk, sandalwood, honey, coffee, leather

*WITCHES DANCE - A scent that speaks of nightly revels and nocturne dances! A complex Gothic blend of sugared spices, rum, leather, earthy patchouli, champaka, earth, smoke, and a hint of fresh pumpkins, this unisex perfume will envelop you in all of Halloween's delights!  Main notes: spices, leather, patchouli, smokey incense