The man of the north watches the borders, the wildness and the ancient ruins of a different age.The smell of cypress clinging to his leathers is the only hint that he may have passed through. Perhaps you will spot a cloaked figure in the shadows of an Inn, the tang of frankincense and sandalwood amongst the furnishings. Many whisper of his feared reputation, only a few truly know he is a friend to the free. Ranger is a woodsy and earthy scent, with hints of leather, floral, and incense. Part of the Fellowship's Journey collection.

Main notes: sandalwood, cypress, earth, leather accord, rose, vetiver
Scent Family: Woods / Leather


♥ Vegan. No animal-based ingredients. Any scents with notes of honey, leather, or musk are either synthetic or derived from plant-based sources.

♥ No alcohol. This is handcrafted perfume in a vegetable oil base.

♥ Cruelty-free. No product or supply was animal tested in the formulation of my scents.

Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, rice bran oil, proprietary fragrance blend, vitamin E